How much does LED home lighting cost?

A friend of mine recently asked: how much would it cost to use LED home lighting for his condo? He invited me to his home in order to figure out the type of LED lights required, and I did a quick run through of the light sources he is currently using, and stated the LED equivalent:

2 x 6W LED light bulbs to replace 40w incandescent
1 x 12W LED light Bulb to replace 100w incandescent
47 X 3W LED candelabra bulbs to replace 7w CFLs
5 x 7W LED flood light to replace 50w halogen
6 x 3W LED spot lights
2 x LED panel light
2 x LED T8 tubes

Most of his light sources are already energy efficient CFLs, some of them were newly purchased, but others are showing their age. My friend wanted to know rather it make sense to change them all to LED at this time to make his home lighting more “consistent”.

This is the Kitchen

Pretty amazing shot… So good that it almost looked fake

Let’s do a quick calculation. The bulk of his purchase would be LED Candelabra bulbs. 3W LED Candelabra should do the trick. At approximately $15 each, 47 LED Candelabra bulbs would cost $705.

LED flood lights would be approximately $30/each, for a total of $150.

There are 6 spot lights above these glass panels, at $20 each, the LED spot lights would cost $120.

This is already closed to a $1000 dollars! And i haven’t include those LED light panels, LED tubs and LED accent lights which should be part of his LED home lighting list. And of course don’t forget about tax!

Many households probably don’t use that many LED Candelabra light bulbs, but an all-out conversion to LED home lighting would still cost a few hundred dollars. It doesn’t quite make economic sense to dump all the functional CFLs you’ve already purchased to get the “latest and greatest” in lighting technology for general home use. And it certainly makes no environmental sense to dump the CFLs because it contained Mercury, because the damage has been factored in when it was made.

I think LED lights are quite ready for new homes because of their many benefits, but the mass conversion for existing home probably won’t happen for another few years because existing living spaces are usually endowed with many light sources and fixtures. The most sensible way is to switch the incandescent or CFL to LED light bulbs one at a time when they burnt out.