LED grow lights -leaf
LED grow lights have been picking up steam recently. After so many years of tests, trials and feedbacks from both the manufacturers and growers, LED grow lights finally matured to a point that is accepted by indoor plant lovers. LED grow lights first got into my radar back in 2010. […]

LED grow lights – An introduction

LED light fixtures have many benefits. Environmentalists loved them for their energy efficiency; techies loved them for their high tech appeal; designers loved them for their flexibility… but what do they have to offer for normal people that just want a comfortable lighting environment? Actually, LED light fixtures addressed quite […]

LED light fixtures, your health & comfort

LED home lighting is still not very common because LED lightbulbs are more expensive than incandescent or CFL bulbs. But make no mistake, LED home lighting is coming, maybe faster than you might think. On the macro level, governments in many parts of the world have introduced policies to phrase […]

LED Home Lighting – Practical Benefits

There are many LED TVs on the market, but I think the term “LED TV” is quite a misnomer, because technically speaking, LED is not a displaying technology. A “LED TV” is actually a LCD TV but with LED backlight. LCD TV basics There are two major components for a […]

LCD vs LED? or CCFL vs LED?

cool lighting effect
Safety first: The safety aspect of this DIY lighting idea is entirely relying upon the low output of the cell phone charger (or AA batteries). The low power output of the cell phone charger (or AA batteries) is usually not dangerous, but make sure you understand what it entails and […]

How to create magic elixir? (Cool LED lighting effect)

A friend of mine recently asked: how much would it cost to use LED home lighting for his condo? He invited me to his home in order to figure out the type of LED lights required, and I did a quick run through of the light sources he is currently […]

How much does LED home lighting cost?

LED bulb thermal distribution
When I had my first chance to physically play with a LED lightbulb, I was somewhat surprised to learn that it was not cold to touch. There were so many LED indicator lights around, and they don’t produce discernable heat, it was pretty logical to expect LED lightbulbs behave the […]

Do LED Lightbulbs Get Hot?

LED Calculator
LED lighting is becoming a popular topic amongst people with environmental concern. This alone is probably the biggest driving force behind the continuous research backing this technology. Color development of LED LED (Light Emitting Diode) is basically a PN junction diode that produces electromagnetic energy at visible wavelength. Since my […]

Brief history of LED